About vARTe


Kunsthal vARTe is a gallery, exhibition space, open studio, sanctuary/residency for serious and professional artists.
The Art Centre opened in January 2015 and is intended as a place where artists can be inspired and work with their art in beautiful surroundings on attractive terms.
The place also serves as an inclusive cultural centre offering events, lectures, courses, etc.



It's Poul Erik Bech, which is behind the danish real estate agency EDC, who besides restoration of the buildings also has established and funded Kunsthal vARTe.
Mette Kristensen, cand. mag. in art history, is art professional manager for the place.
There is also associated with a number of volunteers to Kunsthal vARTe.


The buildings have been used as a machine shop, blacksmith and plumbers’ merchant since the 1800s. The buildings, however, became dilapidated due to age, and major restoration work was carried out. Poul Erik Bech acquired the buildings in order to restore them to their former glory.

The original cast-iron windows have been preserved, and Velamp in Vejen hand-made the double-glazed windows in wrought iron. The rustic look of the walls has also been preserved and old floorboards, which were planed and varnished, were purchased. The cobblestones in the small courtyard were imported from Copenhagen, where they previously surrounded the old opera house. The lights on the first floor of the Art Centre are also from Copenhagen, where they lit up the capital’s busy streets and boulevards for many years.

Niels Grønne worked as architect and adviser on the project and skilled craftsmen with a fine sense of delicate restoration work played their part in the final result.


The premises, which are housed in the old blacksmith’s and in the warehouse, occupy a total of 333 m2, of which 170 m2 are exhibition space, 101 m2 a studio and 62 m2 a studio apartment.
A small and cosy cobbled courtyard also forms part of the space.